Friday, June 15, 2012

4 Pinterest Tips: You need to know

Pinterest is like a giant online bulletin board where you can "pin" things for later and see what other people have pinned.  Here are some tips to get the most out of pinterest:

1. Use more boards than just the ones Pinterest starts you off with.  
You can add new boards that help categorize your things. For example I have a board titled Learning Time, that I use to dump a lot of my education/teaching things on.  You can break it down further (and I will do this soon) and have a literacy board, a beginning of the school year board, science experiments, etc.

2. Pin from the original source.
Nothing stinks more than clicking on a pin for a tutorial of how to make the best ever brownies/quilt/dress and finding that the link doesn't go anywhere. Well maybe being the person who DESIGNED that quilt/dress/madeTHEbrownies and isn't getting credit for it...that may stink worse.

3. It's ok to promote your business.
Sometimes I follow a pinner because I want to see what they have new on the blog or in their etsy shop.  Create a board "New in the shop"  or "New on XYZ Blog" for some of those pins to go.  Then people can easily follow along for updates without feeling spammed on other boards.

4. Pinterest is not a spectator sport.

I am baffled when I click on a profile and they 0 pins.  *yawn*  You will get the most out of pinterest by being active.  Create your own boards and pin from websites, repin things you search for and like (I often search for funny stuff.  My Quotes/Inspirations/Funnies board is by far my largest.  Sorry but I will forever think a funny animal picture or fart joke is worth remembering.)  The more you pin, the more people will SEE your pins and follow you.  The more you pin, the more YOU will see and want to follow!


  1. I freely admit I'm pitiful at Pinterest. This gives me hope!

    Katy @

  2. I'm not super-active either--but at least I have more than 0 pins!


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