Monday, June 11, 2012

Skateboarding Themed Party--The loot bags

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My oldest son just turned 9.  NINE.  How is this possible?
We had a small skateboarding themed party for him and I thought I'd share what we used as party favors!
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The little white bags were from Party City and were around .70 cents each.  They USED to have bags with skateboarders on them but of course when I went back for them, they were gone. Oh well.  White works.

What's inside the bags?  We went with "EXTREME" type candies since skateboarding is an Xtreme sport. :)   The candies were all from a 15/$1 bin at Party City.
  1. War Heads candy
  2. Cry Babies candy
  3. Pop Rocks type candy
  4. 2 mini skateboards (I think these were .25 at Party City)
  5. Sour Patch Kids candy
  6. Angry Birds mini-kite (grabbed for .99 cents at Walmart).  In the photo it is wrapped.  These are cool little things that I thought the kids would like.
  7. Glow Sticks-(each bag got 2)
boys birthday party, skate board party, skate board party favors

My little graphic said this was going to be SIX party favors, but there are actually SEVEN for you!  I think cans of silly string from the dollar store would be fun to include in party favor bags for boys. So there's an EIGHTH idea for you. Man, is it your lucky day or what?


  1. My 8 year old and his peeps would love all the candy. I personally find your table scratches cute!

  2. Great ideas! These bags would work for any party. Just swap out the skateboards for something that goes with your theme, and your all set. :)

  3. Very cute! I love using white bags too, and I buy them all the time when I can find them. And I bet the boys Mama's will be grabbing those bags for re-use!

  4. Very clever! I can't even imagine nine. Congrat's to you.

  5. Mmmm....pop rocks!! My oldest just turned 8. *sniff sniff* Very cute ideas! For some reason ideas for boys are always harder to come up with.

  6. I love the gift bags! Those kinds of treats usually end up being kids' favorites!

  7. your boy is so blessed to have a mother like you! so glad you stopped by my blog so i could find you here. live in love, e.

  8. I'm having my 11yr old a skateboarding party and I couldn't come up with any idea's until I looked at your page and I feel in love with everything you had, so I wanna tell you thank you so much for posting this..

    1. Glad it was helpful to you! Have fun with the skateboard party. :D


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