Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Stocking Stuffers for Boys (ages 2 and under)

Do you realize we have less than a month until Christmas?!

We are <this close> to being done with our shopping.  Over the weekend I bought gives, wrapped, and started on the stockings.  This week I'll be doing a series on stocking stuffer ideas for BOYS.

I made these lists to give you some ideas of non-candy stocking stuffers for boys (we moms of boys can't get by with throwing hair clips in a stocking!).

Everyone seems to vary on how much they spend at Christmas and how full they actually "stuff " a stocking.  If you are like us, you may choose just a couple things off each list to include in a stocking.  If you feel like splurging, try to get ALL of it in there!  It really is up to you.

Today we look at the 2 and under crowd:

Under 2 yrs old:
bath soap
cute washcloth
Gerber Graduates Puffs
baggie of cheerios
small board book
rubber ducky
jar of baby food
baby/toddler spoons

Yes I am putting socks in the stockings this year!  We seem to always need them this time of year and I think they will help "fill" up the stockings.  There is no candy on the list above...we do put in a little bit but I try not to do too much. Kids + Candy = Crazy House.
For more (no candy!) stocking stuffer ideas: 

stocking stuffers for boys 2-4 yrs old.

stocking stuffers for boys 8-10 yrs old.
Stay tuned for more age groups coming Wednesday and Friday.

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  1. My kids loved those Johnson & Johnson Bath Buddy bars of soap when they were little. Soap rocks ! And it cleans...


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