Monday, September 23, 2013

Menu Monday

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Maybe if I post what our dinners for the week will be it will motivate/shame me into making sure to actually cook?
See on Saturday we ordered a pizza.
We always have to give bizarre "instructions to driver" on the online form because our street is somehow not acknowledged by The Google.Pizza guy shows up.

I said, "Oh good, you found us!"
He was like "Oh I always know where you guys are."
As if this is a frequent thing.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You don't know.

Anyway.  I've been shamed into trying to cook more at home. Here's what's coming up this week:

Monday- Baked Beans, ham, cornbread
Tuesday- Spaghetti, salad
Wednesday- Fish (my husband will cook it. I don't know his secret technique. Nor do I learn to care. If it's a secret then only HE can be the one to cook. *wink*). Coleslaw, veggies and hummus
Thursday- Chili, biscuits
Friday- Chinese Buffet (yeah, we're eating out. But at least it isn't PizzaDeliveryDudeWhoRecognizesUs)
Saturday- lunch: Soup & PB sandwiches
                dinner: Vegetarian Taco Salad

To wrap up this post I present you with a picture of a dog delivering pizza:
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  1. Hey, I saw on someone else's blog they're having ham, beans and cornbread too. Is that a fall recipe or what?? I totally get letting the hubby cook. Mine caught - get this- 3 bull frogs the other night. I said, "Oh I have NO idea how to cook those. I'll eat them, but they're all yours." I love the cartoon above cuz really I spend most of my time feeding people and I only have a hubby and 1 kid! And I think it's hilarious the pizza guy knows you. Papa Murphy is cooking for us tonight too :)


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