Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back-To-School Teacher Gift (and a camera flub up)

Last week I told you that this week I would be sharing our back-to-school teacher gifts with you.  

Apparently when I took the time to photograph the gifts....

(this is embarassing)


there wasn't a memory card in the camera.

When I went to get pictures for this post, they were non-existent.  

Please tell me that you have done that too!???

Have you seen these kit-kat bars on pinterest? 

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Super cute.  I made my own similar design, cut them out,, added fun scrapbooking paper and made wrappers for the mini kit-kat bars.  Those went to a local high school that our church provided treats for.

Also going to the high school, I took inspiration from this:
fanta teacher gift, soda teacher gift, FANTASTIC teacher, inexpensive teacher gift, coach gift, babysitter gift, nanny gift
and made tags that said "Have a FANTA-stic year!" and tied them with ribbon to the little pop tab on the top of each can.

And my son's classroom teacher got a package of coffee with a tag similar to what we sent to the preschool teacher last year:

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(here is the original coffee gift post)

Next time I take pictures, I'll make sure there is a memory card! :-/

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