Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's the deal with *Ebates* ?

I joined ebates (joining is always free) in 2011 and never did much with it.  Boy, was I a fool!
You know how sometimes you put on a jacket you haven't worn in awhile and surprise, there's a $20 bill in the pocket?  Ebates is like that.  Not get-rich-quick, but hey-here's-an-extra-twenty!

Ebates is great for online shopping. You can shop at all of your favorite stores: Sephora, Ulta, Kohls, JCPenney, Toys R Us, Lands End, LLBean, Forever 21, Living Social, Staples,
and hundreds more.  You just log in to your ebates account first, access the store's website via Ebates link, and do your shopping like normal.

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That's it!  You earn cash back for each purchase.  Now, will it get you rich? No.  This is not a scam, and it is not going to make you thousands of dollars.  But you can make some extra pocket cash.  I've got $25 coming my way and don't consider myself much of a big spender/shopper.  That's 25 bucks that I got just for doing my regular shopping, and I will gladly take it!  This is like finding an extra $20 bill in the pocket of a jacket.

How much $$$ do you get for each shopping trip?
The amount varies depending on the store.  It is a % of your purchase total.  As of right now, Kohls Land's End, and Macy's are giving 6% , BooksAMillion is 4%, etc.

Payouts are quarterly, so 4 times a year you'll get a check from Ebates (as long as you've earned $10 or more, otherwise what you've earned just rolls over until you reach the $10 threshold).

This is seriously my new favorite thing.  There's nothing like getting a little extra cash especially now with all the holiday shopping!

The links to ebates in this post are my referral link.  All that means is that I get some credit for referring people once they make their first purchase.  It still does not cost you, provide me with your personal information, or require any commitments. It's just a link. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I want to say I joined ebates quite a few years ago, but I never did anything with it. So I guess I will look into it now.


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