Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy this week's funnies. :)

This text (not mine) cracked me up:
text about being late, late text, late because of who I am as a person, texting humor

Oooh look a BINGO game for moms!  Go here to see the hilarious bingo card from Sweet T Makes Three.

This funny animal snapchat gave me a giggle:
cat scared of fake raven, funny snapchats, funny animal snapchats, lolcat, cat funnies, cat humor, animal funny,


  1. Please remove my image from your site. If you'd like to include the link to my post, that is fine: However, to upload my intellectual property directly to your site is infringement.

    1. My apologies Jenn. Thank you for contacting me. I have edited the post, removed the image, and inserted a link directly to your post.

      I looove that Bingo card, thanks for sharing your sense of humor!!


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