Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lousy day? Look at these doggies!

Okay guys. You're going to want to bookmark this page or something because I'm about to come at you with the best 'brain bleach' ever! 

          Brain Bleach is what you look at when:

  • you had a lousy day at work
  • the kids are bickering. again. 
  • your inlaws come to stay for a week
  • the news is depressing
  • someone tweeted something infuriatingly false
  • you're sick
  • you've just seen something disgusting or sad

Here are ten of the sweetest, cutest, doggies to erase the ick from your brain and give you happy thoughts.  Yes, these are all Golden Retrievers. Why? Because they are the best breed ever (I may be definitely am prejudiced).

Get ready to "Awwwwww".....
This guy enjoying the boat...
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Who's a good boy?....
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This boat-loving Golden is all snuggled in a blanket...
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3's not a crowd here...
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This pup is proud to be American...
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This guy loves the swing...
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Aged to perfection...
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Such a proud doggy...
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2 Generations of Golden...
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"Hi mom!!"
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