Saturday, June 3, 2017

How I Get Hulu For FREE

**UPDATE** There's a new way to get HULU for free!  I just paid for 3 months of Hulu without spending a cent of my money.  Read below for how to do it!

**UPDATE**  As of right now (6-9-17), Microsoft has suspended the 1 month HULU reward. They stated that they are working on a new Hulu reward.  I'd encourage you to still sign up and start earning those points so that you'll be ready when they release the new HULU option!  Or if you want to use your points right away, you can get $5 gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks!

I always hate when people ask my hobbies.  Uh, like, is it lame to say "Watching TV"? This year my school did a Secret Pal among the staff and yes, under hobbies, I put "Netflix."  We have subscribed to Netflix for a couple years now.  I'd heard about Hulu but didn't know I needed it until I saw the preview for The Handmaid's Tale. 

We got rid of our satellite dish (hellllo saving money!!).

Now, before I tell you how I'm getting this for free, know this: This post is NOT sponsored by anyone.  I make zero dollars/points/anything.  I just love a good deal and wanted to share!
Do you love Hulu and love saving money?  Read how I've been able to get Hulu for free every month and find out how you can too--totally free!

There used to be this thing called Bing Rewards.  Now it's the same program but called Microsoft Rewards.  You earn points and can redeem them for gift cards.  Guess what gift card is available?  Yep. A one month subscription to Hulu. 

Here are the nitty gritty details:
  • Sign up for Microsoft Rewards here (not a referral link. I get nothing if you join)
  • Earn points daily.
  • Click on "PC Search" and a Bing window will open.  I like to click around on the headlines. I do this first thing in the morning for the scoop on news. If one looks particularly interesting, I'll click it again and read the article.  But that's not necessary.
  • Log in with your phone and do the exact same thing: search and earn those 100 points.
  • maximizing microsoft rewards
    When I log in, on the right side I see this.
    You can see I've earned my points for searching on my PC
     but not yet gotten my points for searching via my phone. 
  • You can earn points from other things too, like today I had these bonus things (Road Trip and NBA) and earned an extra 10 points each just by clicking. Be sure to do any of the little extra freebies like this in order to maximize your Microsoft Rewards earnings!
hulu gift card from microsoft bing rewards

  • Once you have the points needed, click on "redeem" and choose the Hulu gift card.  You'll get an email from Microsoft with the gift card code to apply to your Hulu account.  They are super fast! I usually get my gift card codes within 24 hours.
  • how to get hulu for free by using microsoft rewards
    This shows my progress towards
    my next Hulu gift card
  • Since you can earn at least 250 points a day and a Hulu gift card is 6,800 points, you can earn 91,250 points in a year. Divided by 6800 points per gift card equals 13 gift cards and points left over.  That's 13 months free of Hulu!---MORE than a year's worth!
  • Microsoft has changed the rewards program but you can still get Hulu for free. The above all still applies.  When it's time to redeem, you will spend 5250 points on a $5 GameStop gift card.  Do that 5 times so that you have $25 to GameStop.
    Go to the GameStop website.
    Purchase the $25 Hulu gift card.  It will be an instant download that you can apply to your Hulu account.  

  • Fine print boring details: If you earn 260 Microsoft points per day (doing the mobile and pc searches plus one of the 10-30 pt bonuses each day), it will take you 101 days to earn the $25 gift card. 365 days in a year / 101 days to earn a $25 gift card= 3.61 (the number of times in a year you can earn the gift card).
    3.61 times to get a $25 gift card=$90.  At $7.99/month, Hulu costs $95.88 a year.  Take off the $90 you earned from Microsoft/Gamestop rewards and your Hulu cost is $5.88 a year or 49cents per month.  Not technically 'free' anymore but darn close!
Hope this helps you out!  What will you do with all the money you save? 


  1. This only works for older accounts and they just discontinued this feature yesterday

    1. Yes, I was bummed that they've stopped the 1 month free Hulu reward. They say there will be a new Hulu award and the rumor is that it will be a 3 month subscription instead of just 1 month. So I'm hoping that rolls out soon!

      Not sure about the older accounts part of your comment---I am a first time Hulu user and joined this year (2017) and have paid for each of the last 3 months of use by using the Microsoft Rewards.

      Hopefully they will roll out a great Hulu reward again soon! In the meantime I am earning my points every day and saving them up! :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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