Tuesday, January 9, 2018

9 Awesome Lego Activities {for when you're stuck inside!}

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Maybe you are stuck inside because it's snowy and icy outside.  Maybe you'll read this when it is over 100 degrees outside and you're hiding from the humidity.  Either way, I've come up with 9 awesome lego activities that your kids will love (gotta keep 'em occupied!).  Several of these we did at one of my sons' birthday parties.  They were a big hit!

1. Build cars (10 min time limit?  Who can complete first?) then race them!  
A piece of posterboard ($1 at dollar tree) propped up on a coffee table works well.  When we played this at my son's birthday party, we used Lego car kits like these:

2. Lego Boat
Who can build a Lego boat that floats? Can you devise a sail and blow on it to make it go?

3. Guess how many
Put some in a clear jar and have your child estimate how many there are. Then take them out and count.  Child can put Legos in the jar and then have YOU estimate. (Bonus: This is also a sneaky way to build number sense) ;)

4. Lego Cake DIY your own with a square cake pan and 4 cupcakes.

5. 100 Contest
Each person gets 100 Legos and 10 minutes to build the tallest tower (or longest structure?) they can.

6. Use a camera
Pose mini-figs to act out a short story.  Then scroll through the pics and retell your story!
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From CollectibleMiniFigs.com

7. Watch
The Lego Movie (of course!)

8. Build a Lego Catapult
Launch mini marshmallows.  How far can they go?

9. Charades
Use your charades game cards but instead of acting out the picture, you will BUILD the picture.  So if you drew "television" you will now build a tv out of Lego blocks while the others try to guess.


Need Legos?  I love the box of bricks you can get that are not part of a licensed kit.  Great for open ended, creative fun!  Also: Does anyone have one of these cinch sack things for cleanup?  I'm thinking we may need to carpet our entire living room out of one! LOL

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