Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg Fillers

Can you believe Easter is this week? I thought I'd have more time to plan!

Let's talk about what to put in the eggs for an egg hunt! We're hoping to have a few neighbor kids over Sunday afternoon for an egg hunt.

Of course candy is always popular! What else can you fit into an egg?

Silly Bands

Money (always popular)


Mini slinkies

Mustard packets (wouldn't that be a hoot? Just to watch and see what the kid do when they open an egg and out falls condiments?)

Mini Stampers

Finger Puppets (these Veggie ones are adorable!)
via littlefox71 at etsy

Mini vanilla wafers

Special shaped crayons like these:
via LilDoodlers on etsy

What about you, what is going in your eggs this year?

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I like the Tightwad Gazette, too.

  2. Awe. These are some really cute ideas. Makes me miss my girls being little! :) LOL at the mustard packs - that probably won't go over so well, huh? Hilarious to see the reaction though.


  3. Thanks for stopping by Pink Overalls!

    Roeshel...yeah the mustard packs might get me some eyerolls and dirty looks! I did find a mini slinky at a Christian bookstore that will fit in one of the eggs. I was excited about that. :)


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