Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pincushion Eye Candy

When you were a kid, did your mom have one of those tomato shaped pincushions? Yeah, mine too.

Well lo and behold how the times have changed! I can not believe the range of pincushions I have seen!

left: from pinpinn, right: from applesong

You know my baby's first birthday party is going to be airplanes. So I'm slightly obsessed with them right now. Look at these cuties from etsy!

Flying high
left: airplane from lifepieces, right: clouds from SeaPinks

This beauty from England caught my eye.

photo by namolio

Moda is a well-loved designer fabric among all the sewers I know.

This sweet pincushion is from PiccalilliPatchwork.

Last but not least, venture into the animal kingdom! Hedgehogs, squirrels, sheep, rabbits, oh dear!
Left: Turtle from fluffandfuzz, middle: birdies from AliceandElsie, Right: dachshund from rabbitsmoon

A Little Knick Knack
Tidy Mom


  1. cute! I love the pear one. I only have a plain old tomato :)

  2. I still have a few toms pin cushions :)

    I LOVE the cloud one :)

    Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you :) T.

  3. The pears and clouds are so cute. I just have the regular tomato.

  4. Those are the cutest--and most amazing--pincushions I have ever seen! Not only did my mother have a tomato pincushion, but I do too. I need to branch out!

  5. The pear one is my favorite. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I have a cute pumpkin pin cushion that doubles as a container for more pins or safety pins. These all are super cute pincushions :)

  7. such cute things! the pear is so sweet!

  8. These are so cute! I just have a boring one that looks like a tomato. I want one of these!

  9. What fun for the sewing room! Namolio's pincushions also caught my eye and had me sending off to England for one of my own! I now keep it displayed in my sewing nook so I can enjoy its sweetness every day!

  10. Wow! I have one of those yucky tomato pin cushions, I would gladly trade them for one of those up there! Too cute!

  11. What awesome looking pin cushions! They are all so cute!

  12. Thank you so much for including my tortoise in your beautiful blog post.
    fluff and fuzz

  13. The pear cushion is so cute! I've just made a new pin cushion, not a patch on these though!

  14. I love these pin cushions! I have found myself often oohing and aahhing over handmade pincushions of such striking design on etsy. The pears here are my favorite.

  15. Loved the cushion from England. I just want a whole pile of them.

    New follower from Tidy Mom.


  16. Like a few others here, I still have a tomato. I've been meaning to rectify that for a while. I had seen those pretty crochet cushions on etsy before. Thanks for reminding me of them and for stopping by my blog the other day!


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