Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Inspiration

Have you started decorating for Fall yet? To be honest, there are still a few Easter eggs on my mantle. I should have put them away by now. Don't call the Mantle Police. Think of my children.

I'm determined to get some fall decor going around here. Check out these inspirations I found, they will get you in the spirit!
I have got to do this on our mantle (once I remove the eggs).

from here
Loving this too, with the contrast of the white pumpkin and the dark holder thingy. I'm thinking mantle, but this would work on a bathroom vanity too!

found on pinterest here

Oooh I want these for by my front door! Except I fear that our furry beast would eat them. This is the same reason I can't have light up Christmas decorations in the front yard. And why we have nightmares about the UPS man leaving packages by the door.

Enough pretties for today folks. I have to hit the books!

Happy Fall Decorating!

Linked at: Saved by Love Creations


  1. Oh these are gorgeous!

  2. Just beautiful...lovely decorations!


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