Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where I'm at (a bloggy roundup)-Sewing edition

I want to share with you guys what blogs I've been hanging out at over the last couple days.
First of all, Diary of a Quilter just posted this.

I love love love it! She also blogs at Moda Bake Shop and you can go here to see the tutorial on how to make it. And then you can make one and send it to me. *crosses fingers*

Then of course The Intrepid Thread always has something cool.

I love the grays here in her pillow top!

Now brace yourself for this next one. Are you sitting down?
Well are you?
It is adorable.
It also involves paper piecing which I know nothing about and apparently requires you to have the ability to sew a straight line. Which of course rules me out. But it is way too cute not to share.

POP BOTTLES! I know! "It is adorable" you say. "I told you so!" I say. :) This is featured over on Sew We Quilt today.

go here to get directions on how to make one. And then send it to me. *

*What? It can't hurt to ask.

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  1. I love Diary of a Quilter, and that baby quilt is GORGEOUS. I want one too!


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