Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 learning activities: Angry Birds, Scholastic Book Clubs, and Dice Stamping

Here are three educational finds of the week for me! All of these I saw on Pinterest! If anyone needs an invite, let me know.

First up: From
Use those extra (or your child's) Scholastic Book Order Forms and laminate them. Then have the child do a little scavenger hunt: find 3 books that are non-fiction, circle 4 books that you would like to read, find 2 books with an animal as the main character, and so forth.
I love hands-on activities like this that promote reading and literature! Not to mention, this activity costs you NOTHING.

Dice stamping to create math sentences! Another more hands-on approach vs. just a worksheet. Guess who will be buying a package of dice next time they are at the dollar store?
Finally, drum roll please....
This site has lots of activities for using Angry Birds in the classroom (or at home *wink*). I just bought the Angry Birds card game for my son for Christmas and am excited to give it to him! This site also has writing activities/prompts for using with Angry Birds. Love bringing something FUN and current in the classroom for the kids!
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  1. Loving this dice ideas to practise numbers with my boys. Thanks for sharing :) xx


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