Monday, November 28, 2011

my black friday loot

Victorious! I got my season of The Big Bang Theory for $12.99 and just as I suspected, no one trampled me for it.

Instead of going to Target when they opened at midnight, I waited until about 6am. It was FINE. They had all but one thing I wanted...the $10 Angry Birds pajama pants. There were plenty of Family Guy left but I didn't want Stewie. Stewie is shocked that I didn't want him on my pants.

Oh and the 18pc cookware set for $40 was gone, but my friend who went at midnight couldn't even get one. So I don't feel bad.

Scored some inexpensive dvds. This is the only time of year I buy movies. I can't bring myself to pay $15 during the year. This little voice inside my head says "But that will only be $4.99 on black friday!!" The voice sounds a lot like this lady:

On to Meijer. Of course they were out of the Angry Birds board game I wanted (are you seeing a theme here?) but they did have a couple board games that I scooped up for us as a family gift for eight bucks each.

And folks that is about it! I did go back to Meijer on Saturday to use their Santa Bucks. Have you ever used them? Lesson learned: they do not apply to diaper purchases. Darn. But I did finish my shopping for my husband and kids and got some gift wrap.

Here we are, about 26 days from Christmas. All I have left to do is WRAP. What about you? Are you done shopping? Just starting?! Not celebrating at all?

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  1. I can't imagine going in at midnight... I'd rather pay a little extra than do that, lol. I don't do black friday at all though unless it's here at home on my computer. :)


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