Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I am contributing at Livin On Love And Cents!  I'll be there 2ce a month to talk about one of my favorite!  Here is the first part of today's post:

Is there a lot of testosterone in your house?  Because we have extra if you need it!  My family consists of me, and 3 sons (2 living, 1 living in Heaven) and a husband.  Boys, boys, boys! 
not my actual kids but close enough..from
In between throwing stuff into the fireplace “lets see what happens when [fill in the blank] burns!” and launching balled up socks into the whirling ceiling fans (we can’t have nice things), they occasionally settle down and watch a little tv.
Mythbusters is a household favorite.
pic from
Stuff blows up, cars crash, you know, everything a guy likes.
As I was thinking of my first post here on the topic of giving, I thought of Mythbusters.  The TV show busts myths like “hey I betcha that car can’t drive through that brick wall”, I’m about to bust a GIVING myth.

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  1. This is a great idea for a series! I've been thinking about giving a lot lately, too. From my perspective it's all about Seasons of Giving. This is the post I wrote about it in the fall:

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by I can just picture your house of boys getting ready to blow something up...or make bodily function jokes, wrestle each other, etc. But when they're done doing that, they'll be ready to give with their mom teaching them the way! good job.

  3. Hey there! I can relate with having too much testerone in my house. My baby girl was recently born (last Sept) and before her arrival- my husband, 2 sons, and our male dog dominated our household's hormones. We're not even yet- but someday, I hope to even out the score (minus the dog) with one more girl, God willing. Anyways... great blog! I will add your blog to my Google Reader!

    -Ashley @ Proverbs Living (dot) com


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