Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teacher Gift-Grand Finale

We managed to get a letter home with the kids in my son's class (without his teacher knowing it!), that we were collecting money to get her a gift card to her favorite store--Target!
Not the greatest photo in the world.
I took it in the car before backing out the driveway.
Another parent brought in a thank you card that the kids each signed.  I bought the gift card with the donated money ($50).  Then I went to the Dollar Tree where I got the red tub and some floral foam.

I already had the blue paper shred but you can get that at Dollar Tree right now too.

I taped the gift card to a popsicle stick and a "We <3 Mrs. X" sign to another stick.  Presto.  Cute gift presentation.


Happy to have you here at the Zucchini Summer Blog! :)