Friday, July 6, 2012

Oh hi. It is 190* outside. 5 Things to do INSIDE.

If you live somewhere that has been having 75* weather lately, keep that to yourself.  I live in the Midwest which is also known as the BROILER right now.  
How HOT is it outside?  LOL

So hot you cannot go outside.  Well you can but you'll drop over dead after five minutes (you think this is an exaggeration...)
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In honor of the wretched heat, I present to you......(drum roll please.  humor me people.  DRUM ROLL)

isn't the sad faced sun a nice touch?
Although it looks like a child's drawing,
I drew it myself. 
1. --Put the swimsuits on the kids and get them in the tub, turn out all the lights and add glow sticks.  This looks so fun!  Our Dollar Tree often has the glow sticks (or Michael's craft store in the dollar section) and I aim to pick some up soon.
glow stick bath, glow sticks in bathtub, bath time fun, kids bath
from pinterest via happy home fairy
2.--Have the neighbor kids over, build a fort in the living room, and watch a movie.  Standard idea but it never gets old for kids!  For bonus fun, give each kid paper money and set up your "concession stand" in the kitchen.  They can use their "money" to buy a bowl of popcorn, juice box, mini candy bar, etc.

3.-- Make this. 
strawberry, graham cracker & cool whip no bake cake.  made this July 4th, very good. :)
from pinterest via So How's It Taste
No bake strawberry cake.  I made this on July 4th and it was easy, only took a few ingredients, tasted great, AND you don't have to turn your oven on for it!

4.-- Help your kids make their own jet packs. 2 old 2liter bottles and felt!  How cute is this?!
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from pinterest via Doodle Craft

5-- Organize your stash of stuff for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.  I know it is July and we're swimming in pools of our own sweat.  But November and National Collection Week will be here SOON.  Start organizing what you've got into gallon bags, or even the shoe boxes, according to gender and age.  

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  1. My kids aren't little anymore, but they would probably still love the glow sticks in the tub. lol
    Your right, now's the time to start looking for things to add to your shoe boxes. The school supplies go on sale soon, the perfect chance to buy lots of goodies.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. The glow stick idea looks fun, but...ack! I'm such a wuss. Why does it sorta scare me? What's in those glow sticks anyway?!?

  3. Hotter than blazes here in Nebraska, too.
    Love the inside activity ideas. My grandkids would love the concession stand idea -- they LOVE playing with Monopoly money.

  4. The jet pack is too cute! And we've done glow-in-the-dark bath time before too, only with the bracelets. You can make chain links or bracelets/necklaces or whatever. I got tubes of 10 for $1 at Target ($1 section).

  5. Love the glow sticks in the tub. My 4 year old will be all over this! Hot here in North Carolina, too. Just came across your blog from Blogelina - you crack me up!

  6. I like your sad smiley face. ;) I think my youngest daughter would go for all of these ideas, especially the tub/glow sticks. As for my totally "I'm too old for that" 13 yr. old, she just might love # 5. She is the queen of organizing!


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