Monday, July 16, 2012

Red, White, & Blue Pinterest Drink. Nailed it. (Or "How Pinterest Destroyed My Trust")

Hey guess what.  Pinterest tells lies.  Lies, I tell you!  This happened last week and I am finally brave enough to tell you my story.

I decided to try this layered drink from pinterest.  

found on pinterest, original is HERE
7up, Hawaiian punch, and blue Gatorade.  ALLEGEDLY, the drink with the highest sugar content sinks and thus the drinks form an awesome striped effect.
also unsourced at pinterest.  

Cool, right?

Except when I tried it, I got this.

this is my "thumbs down" for the drink debacle

A reddish, slightly brownish mix of 3 drinks. No stripes. No layers.  No awesomeness.  Pinterest, you LIED to me!  

I had poured my 3 drinks in the cup, one at a time, sugary-est (new word!) first and it was a big fail.  I even tried AGAIN later in the week (you are correct, I am a stubborn old mule) with different brands of punch/etc.  Same result.  

Pinterest, I have forgiven you...although am still a bit skiddish around the recipes section now.  It's gonna take awhile for you to earn back the trust.


  1. Oh, sorry about your failed drink. The Pinterest drink DOES look cool. I wonder how they really did it? I'm sure your punch in a glass tasted great, too. You should have put a flag on the glass and called it your "special" 4th of July punch. lol

  2. Maybe they froze it between layers? I've seen a couple posts recently about pinterest flops. :)

  3. Maybe you could do Jello flavor at a time. Whipped cream on top.

  4. My kids would drink it as long as it had soda in it! Things are not always as they seem on Pinterest. The patriotic drink also reminds me of my Martha Stewart so easy to make flag fail.

  5. Hi there! :) I am the one who blogged about the layered drink in the photo of 3 cups here:

    I'm so sorry it didn't work out. :( The really important part is to fill the cup completely up with tons of ice FIRST. Then slowly pour each liquid in...slowly. ICE is the secret! Have a super week,

    1. Ahhh ICE! Maybe when July 4th rolls around I will be brave enough to try this again. Thanks for coming by and for the tip! I'm going to add your link under the pictures (darn pinterest didn't have a link)!

  6. I used to pour the layers onto the back of a spoon over the glass to get layers when making mixed drinks...

  7. Didn't work for me either...I had three disappointed little kiddos!


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