Monday, March 4, 2013

Homemade Play Doh and the SECRET Clean Up Tip

This great playdoh recipe came from somewhere on the web.  Of course now I can't find the original blog I saw it on, but you can find the same thing with more pics over here.  

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One day I made it with my toddler and two of his friends. They each got to pick what color to make it (food coloring), and I stood at the stove and cooked it up.
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It looks like colored dog poo here but in real life it looks and feels
just like real play doh!

Afterwards the pan seemed tough to clean...thick, semi-hard dough stuck to the sides and bottom.

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Here's the secret: put a couple tablespoons of OIL in the pan with some water and let it soak.  The oil softens the dough and when you go back to clean it, it will come right off!  


  1. I preferred homemade playdough to the store bought stuff when my kids were younger. I sure could have used this tip then. lol I'm pinning this to help all those mothers who are currently making homemade playdough. :)

  2. Thank you for this! No matter what, I always catch my kids eating the store bought play dough. Yuck! This is a far better idea. Love the tip on clean-up! :)


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