Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elements of Summer Fun (20 ideas)

This year we joined the crowd and made a summer bucket list!  

Inspired by this one I saw on pinterest and blogged about, we went with a geeky science theme.  Each summer fun event is listed on a post it note and designed to resemble (humor me) the periodic table of the elements.

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Some of our activities include:

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*Make a water blob (directions found here)
*Visit Bounce Houses
*Splash Pad in nearby town
*Sidewalk Paint (recipe and below pic from this blog)
Homemade Sidewalk Paint Recipe
*Go to a baseball game
*Soccer Camp
*Golf Club
*Library Story Hour
*Go to a Movie
*Chuck E Cheese's reading program
*Barnes and Noble reading program
*Mail a letter to Grandma
*Mail a letter to a soldier
*Toothpick Sculptures (idea and pic below from here)
building with toothpicks and marshmallows
*Paint a birdhouse
*Visit the skate park
*Ice Bowling (idea and pic below from this blog)
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I shared the fun at Serenity Now , A Beautiful Ruckus , I Can Teach My Child  , 3 Boys and a dog,   Tutus & Tea Parties , and Cheerios and Lattes.


  1. I LOVE your nerdy bucket list! It's so creative and original!

  2. Thank you for that sidewalk paint recipe and I definitely need to make a summer bucket list as well. There's only one more month of summer vacation for us and there's still so much for us to do.

  3. We need a bucket list!! Love the sidewalk paint!

  4. I'm so trying out that sidewak paint!

  5. What a FANTASTIC idea!!! :) How did you ever come up with so many ideas?

    1. Partly pinterest and partly with my own noggin. :) Thanks!

  6. The sidewalk chalk looks like so much fun! I'm a total weirdo and hate the feeling of actualy chalk in my hands. Where is Google FC going!?

    1. As of July 1st, Google Friend Connect will be GONE. I was not happy about that. BUT BlogLovin is great. Come jump on the bandwagon. It took me like 30 seconds to set up my account, import all my fave blogs, and now I get one email a day with my feed in it.

    2. Oh and I -hate- the weird chalk feeling too! SHUDDERS

  7. That is so so so so cool! I think we'll do that next summer! This one is almost over before my boy goes to spend 3 weeks with his Dad.

  8. I love the "Periodic Table" bucket list. Very creative! :)

  9. Pinning this- lots of fun, simple ideas. And cute idea with the periodic table!

  10. Cute ideas Tammy. I really like the ice bowling idea.

  11. Love this and I am totally inspired to start a bucket list! I will check out some of your suggestions - thanks for sharing :)

  12. I so should have done this with Ema this year! Probably would have been awesome! Guess this just goes to show I was so not prepared for a summer at home :/ I've always worked and Ema been at a camp with me!



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