Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Keep It Real Moms

Fake moms annoy me.

I prefer Keep It Real Moms, don't you?  The moms who show up somewhere with some spit up on their shirt.  The mom who walks out of a church service with a screaming toddler.  The mom who shoves a cookie at her child to get just THREE SECONDS OF PEACE, please!

Here's one Keep It Real Mom: Tina from MamasLikeMe.  Yesterday she posted about why kids do not need a Disney World vacation. Which by the way was a great post and you should totally go read it.
But what really won me over was her posting this picture of her child:

source: Mamas Like Me
Ha!  YES kids will have a meltdown.  Kudos Tina for being a Keep It Real Mom!
ID-10055496 (1)You can tell by this blog's title that she's going to be upfront: Experienced Bad Mom.  She posts about all her misadventures in parenting and you'll find yourself laughing and nodding in agreement!  Take for example her post: "5 Ways Having a Baseball Player is Like Having a Newborn"
"1. Both can wear white outfits that NEVER. COME. CLEAN.
White onesies or white baseball pants. Both are disasters."
Props to both of these moms for being honest!


  1. OMG, your kids have meltdowns?! LOL!! Just kidding! Yes, I'm so happy to meet moms who are confident and self-assured enough to proudly state that they aren't perfect parents, because frankly, none of us are! We just do the best we can!

  2. LOL, I'm convinced anyone who says their kids never do that stuff is in denial or covering up! Parenting is messy and it should be. How could attempting to guide the entire foundation of another human being not be?????

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I firmly believe in keeping it real (which usually means messy!)

  4. This is hilarious! glad to know I am not the only one who has taken pictures of meltdowns in progress. although I show them back to the meltee to show him how silly he looks. I love the keeping it real moms, God knows I am far from perfect but they are happy and heAlthy so I must be doing something right once in awhile!

  5. Oh I talk about mine on my personal page. I remember once heading to Victorias Secret with Madison after a long day I might add, I should have known better, well after being in line Madison decided that she didn't want to be there any longer and took a handful of lipgloss (why do they keep them at kids level?) threw them at me and everyone else and had an all out scream fit. Well I can tell you I didn't even make it to the cashier. :)

  6. I love me some real moms! It's so freeing to not try to look like you have it all together anyway!


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