Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Four Family Christmas Traditions + 1 New One

Each family seems to have their own holiday traditions and it can be so fun to hear about everyone's! Sometimes you get a new idea! Here are four of our traditions plus a new one we are starting.

1. Four gifts per person.  "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read."  We find that this helps our family reign in the consumerism, stay within a reasonable budget, and be more grateful for the gifts we receive.

2. Christmas Light-Seeing.  I put popcorn in a baggie for each person, pack travel mugs with hot chocolate, and we pile in the car to drive around looking at Christmas lights. Sometimes we do it as a scavenger hunt: Who will be the first to spot 10 snowmen?  Where will we see the first nativity?  Can anyone find a light up polar bear?

3. Operation Christmas Child.  If you've been reading here long at all you know that our family loves to fill shoe boxes to donate to this ministry of Samaritan's Purse! All year long I am scouting for things...I've already got a start on NEXT year's boxes!

4. Angel Tree.  Our Walgreens puts up a tree with names of local elderly, home-bound people who need Christmas gifts.  I take my oldest son and let him pick a name and then we shop together to pick out things for that person (each name also has a few suggestions on there like lotion, house slippers, ornaments, etc).  This is special Mom/Son time and helps him learn that giving to others is a priority.  We go out for ice cream afterwards. :)


All good ideas come from pinterest, right?

This year's new tradition is gifting each child with a new set of pajamas and a pack of hot chocolate and popcorn on Christmas Eve.  Then we can sit and watch a Christmas movie as a family while they are wearing their new jammies and enjoying the snacks.
Here's the pin that inspired me:
Christmas Eve present! Pajamas hot chocolate and Christmas movie
Unfortunately the pin did not lead to the original source.
If you know where this is from, please tell me so I can credit them!


  1. I love each of those traditions. We are still trying to create some. We just got our tree up and we always listen to Christmas music while we are doing that. This year we are starting the four gifts that you have mentioned. We aren't getting anything for the baby,unless you count the diapers I just ordered. :)

  2. Awesome traditions! I'm not sure as to the source for the photo, but I do know a friend of mine used the same one to show the kind of packs she was making for kids in shelters for Christmas. I so wish my kids were with me on Christmas Eve (three of them are with their dad that night). Maybe Peanut should get a new pair of jammies ;)

    1. Missy, you could always have that tradition on the night before they leave. Brady even made up a new day to celebration: The day before the day before Christmas which he has called The Rise of Christmas. Traditions can be any time :)

  3. This looks like a great new tradition. We also do the Operation Christmas Child. We are doing the 4 gifts. I'm posting on that on Thursday.

  4. These are great traditions! I love them. I might talk to my husband about doing 4 gifts next year!

  5. I love that your traditions are simple and few. Some bucket lists of seen are LONG! What a neat Christmas Eve tradition. As I said up above, Brady invented a new tradition this year all on his own. And him and I made a list of what we need to do: cocoa, watch Christmas movie, special dinner and other things I can't remember, LOL.

  6. These are great ideas. I particularly like the first one.

  7. I just love #1! And I think that maybe this year we might do #2!!! We will be in Chicago, but it will still be fun!


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