Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The day I took a facebook quiz

I kept seeing my friends' quiz results pop up.

"Sally Smith is most like tv mom Carol Brady."

"Jill Jones is most like tv mom Lucy Ricardo."

"Pam Pargo is most like tv mom June Cleaver."

"Sue McJones is most like tv mom Elyse Keaton."

"Cool." I thought.  "I like all those moms."  So I clicked through to finally take the quiz.  Answer a few questions, wait for it to calculate my results...

suspense.  Which cool, awesome, mom will I be?!

The answer was in.

"You are most like tv mom Roseanne."

Wait, what?  Roseanne?  The sarcastic, half-crazy woman? Me?  Well, I never!

Needless to say, I opted to NOT post the quiz results on my facebook page!
What tv mom do think YOU are most like?  Do you ever do those quizzes and get off the wall results?


  1. That's too funny! Have a better week ;-)

  2. I have never taken those quizzes--and now I am afraid to ;)

  3. Hahahaha! Now that's funny! That'd probably be me. Brady told me this morning I was grumpy. Sigh.

  4. I got the same thing when I took that quiz years ago lol

  5. In my perfect world, I am Claire Huxable. In real life, I am more like Roseanne. Cute post! :P


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