Thursday, March 27, 2014

PicMonkey has new fonts (free!)

PicMonkey is an awesome website that allows you to edit photos or create your own graphics.  It is free to use (you can upgrade to "Royale" but I have not spent the $ to do so).

I was excited this week to learn that they had added some new font choices. Some are Royale, but here are all of the new FREE fonts:
picmonkey fonts, picmonkey free font, good dog font, trashhand font, chunk five font, EDO font, League gothic font

Do you have a favorite? I think Good Dog is my favorite but I can see myself using all of them at some time or another!


  1. I love Picmonkey and always excited to see new fonts! Thanks for sharing. I like all of them!

  2. Someone gave me a month of free PicMonkey Royale as they had buy the year version and they had won it at a conference. I was saving it, but just started using it 2 days ago as I wanted to redo my header. I can see why people would buy it. I did a couple verse printables for today's post with it, and I don't know what I will do when the month is up!

  3. I think the Good Dog and Edo will look pretty good on graphics. Thanks for sharing, I'll look out for them over the weekend!

  4. I like Good Dog as well! I like using Picmonkey! Thanks for letting us know.


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