Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7 Random Things (Versatile Blogger Award)

:-) It's an award!! :-)
It's a major award!
Okay...who gets the reference I just made?  Anyone?
I popped online yesterday to do a bit of blog reading and found that Surviving Toddlerhood had passed this award on to yours truly.  Thanks ST!
This is like part award  and part round-robin.  Here are the rules for this award:
  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site.
  2. Tell seven random facts about yourself.
  3. Pay it forward to thirteen versatile bloggers.
Here are 7 Random Facts about Me
1. I'm wearing a pair of Zubaz pants right now.
Not me
2. They are actually my husbands.
3. Last thing that irritated me?  Discovering someone in the family threw away the extra cinnamon roll icing that I was saving.
4. I'm on level 396 of Pet Rescue Saga.  #Pathetic
5. Grumpy Cat is my soul mate.
Grumpy cat dislike facebook button

6. I have watched Grey's Anatomy since the first episode of the first season.  Don't call me on Thursday nights, I'm busy!

7. I'm still plowing through my Reading List for the year!  Just finished "Wonder" and highly recommend it!

Bloggers I Nominate:
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Six Feet Under Blog
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Called to Be A Mom
Growing Up Madison
Creative K Kids
You (that's right, if you're reading this, consider yourself a nominee.  Come back and link to your post because I want to read the 7 random things about you!!)


  1. Haha! Those pants are awesome!
    Don't you hate it when you have been saving something and then it gets thrown away because someone thought it was old. My husband has learned to keep any chocolate bo matter how old he thinks it is. :)

  2. Awesome! Which is worse when they throw it away on you or eat something you were saving to use in a recipe! Hate that! :)

  3. Those pants are HOT!! lol I love Grumpy Cat. It's like she says what's been in my brain forever. Congratulations!

  4. I love Grey's Anatomy! I am a little behind on it this season, though:(


Happy to have you here at the Zucchini Summer Blog! :)