Monday, June 2, 2014

DIY "Notebook Paper" Bag-- Teacher Gift

A couple weeks ago, I showed you the gift I gave a principal, today I'll show you what I made for two teachers!

This easy DIY uses a 3-pack of canvas tote bags (Michaels, $10), a straight edge (I used spare cardboard), and a pack of fabric pens (Michaels, $14).  Total cost-$25 for 3 bags...can be less if you have a coupon!

Simply lay the straight edge on your bag and make horizontal blue lines down the bag.  Then, a few inches from the left side, make one red vertical line with your paint pen.  Use a black fabric pen to write the teacher's name if desired.

These fit perfectly into a shirt box lined with tissue paper.  Then I wrapped them in brown kraft paper and added some blue yarn from the gift wrap section at Target. (I was all about a good presentation for these!).

They were a big hit, and not something the teacher is likely to get a duplicate of!

You could also make one of these and then fill it with items for the teacher, a small potted plant, or some school supplies, or a magazine and beach towel, etc.

Happy school-is-almost-out!


  1. That is super cool! We just may do that next year. Pinning! :)

  2. Cute!! I really enjoy the ideas you share!


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