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$5 Back to School Gifts for Teachers

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School is starting soon!  Teachers are in their classrooms getting things ready for our kids. :)  I like to send a gift for my children's teachers on the first day. It's not necessary but I figure that since they are going to be with my kid 7 hours a day for the next 100+ days...I owe them a little something.    There are so many great ideas out there, I've rounded up 18 of the best $5 or less back-to-school teacher gifts for you.

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1. Home Room Mom  has this adorable printable that says "We're in good hands with you!"  You can attach to a bottle of soap (pictured is the Mrs. Meyer's brand), hand sanitizer, or lotion.

2. Here's one gift I gave to my son's teacher a couple years ago. I just doodled a little "Welcome back to the grind" on a blank index card and attached to a bag of coffee.  To make this $5 or less you could use a sampler pack of K-cups or the Starbucks Via instant packets, or any of the instant flavored coffees.

3. C is for Caffeine! I love the creativity on this one from One Krieger Chick.  Attach to a bottle of soda, a 6 pack of Coke, or a 2-liter.  

4. Mud Pie Studio brings us this cute way to gift erasers.  Those pencil top erasers are always some of my son's teachers' most asked for items.  And they aren't that expensive!  

5. "Have a reMARKable year!" from Tutus and Touchdowns.  Oh those dry erase markers are like giving a teacher GOLD!  This time of year you can get a 2 pack of the Expo brand markers for around $2.50.

6. This is a notebook paper inspired tote bag that I created as a gift 2 years ago for a teacher who I had done a field placement with when I was still working on my education degree.  It's easy to make and you may already have the colored Sharpies on hand.  What can I say? I'm a sucker for things that look like school supplies.

7. "I'm so happy I get to BEE in your class"  This free printable is from Happy Home Fairy and would thrill most any teacher!

8. Super cute way to gift a calculator.  Courtesy of Eighteen 25.

9. Mmmm. Doughnuts.  "I'm yours for the 'hole' year!"  I couldn't find an original source for this. :(  If you know who it is from, please let me know!

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10. Teachers always need new Post-it notes!  Resourceful Mama brings you this gift idea.

11. This is adorable!  Larissa Another Day made this "INKcredible" gift for the teacher.  Attach to a pack of pens, sharpies, Papermate Flair pens (*drool*), pencils...whatever you want!

12. Another soda themed gift.  "Soda-lighted you are my teacher". Isn't this cute?? The Diary of Dave's Wife made it!

13. "We're going to have a latte fun this year!" This is a nice way to present the teacher with a coffee shop gift card. From Pizzazzerie.

14. A bright gift bag filled with any assortment of bright colored goodies will cheer up even the most exhausted teacher.  From Surfin' through Second. Check it out here!

15. More writing utensils for the teacher. Are you seeing a theme here?  "Mark my words.."  Adorable way to gift a few Sharpies.  Find it at The Suburban Mom.

16. This is a gift I've not seen around much so your child's teacher has probably never received one.  It says "We are tickled pink to get you for a teacher!"  ThirtyHandMadeDays filled the pink crate with other pink office supply items like scissors, a ruler, etc. You can keep this at $5 or less by using a crate from the Dollar Tree along with a notebook, pens, scissors, and some gum or candy.

17.  Another often requested item from teachers is pencils.  So simple yet students are ALWAYS running out of them, losing them, etc.  A package of pencils can help your teacher (and the class!).  Snap Creativity found a way to pretty it up by making a pencil bouquet.

18. This one didn't photograph that well. I can say that because it's one of mine. :)  Despite the old ipod-quality photo it was a well-received gift that I sent the year my son was in 3rd grade. He's in middle school now. *sniff sniff*.
I used a die cut shoe to say that we wanted to get off "on the WRITE foot". Hahaha get it?  This is the kind of thing I find punny.  My poor husband.  Anyyyyyway.
I filled the little dollar section blue box with dry erase markers, cute pencils (thank you Target), a highlighter, and so on.

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