Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Don't forget!

Here's your friendly reminder to enter all the giveaways if you haven't already! There are links to each in the announcement at the top of the blog! Tomorrow is the last day for entries and winners will be announced on Thursday!

Soap, bookmarks, $15 gift card, free ad space, and a baby blankie are all up for grabs!

Also, I have cut out 110 felt bunnies by hand. Just wanted to brag. And get sympathy for my overworked hand.

I was looking for a picture of scissors or an aching hand to put here. Didn't find one but did find this hilarity:

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  1. Sent by Momo, she is awesome! I am so glad, now I have somewhere new to stop and see whats up! Stop by me anytime Judy


Happy to have you here at the Zucchini Summer Blog! :)