Monday, August 15, 2011

Simple Minded

I like pictures of stuff.

If a blog post shows up in my reader and there is no picture, I usually won't bother clicking over to read the rest. It is the curse of my entertain-me-now-i-have-a-simple-mind personality.

What about you? Do you click to blogs even if there isn't a picture? Or are you one like me that has to have something to look at?

Because I don't like being a hypocrite, here is a picture of a random door. Enjoy.

from pinned here


  1. I admit, I do like a picture to look at, but if the blog is written by one of my really close friends, I will read it, photo or not.
    Love the door by the way! Made me smile!

  2. It depends on the blog, there's some hilarious blogs out there that never have pictures, and they're like 10,000 words a post, but I have to read every single one because they're so entertaining. Other blogs, I kinda _need_ the picture.

  3. This post made me chuckle, like your sense of humor/irony. The title of your blog made me remember how we would run like the wind (not actually) when zucchinis were being carried our way. Some people had such an abundance in their gardens!

    I do have some posts w/out photos due to camera breakdown, memory reader breakdown, etc; looks empty w/out, but I'll read if the posts are compelling.


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