Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Festivities!

My youngest has an ear infection from a place that rhymes with "bell."

They gave him Omnicef and he had an allergic reaction.

(I couldn't find any un-nasty photos of an
ear infection or rash. so here is a picture of a sad looking dog.)

Husband, a freak who is never ill, actually needs to see a doctor this week.

And in the midst of all this we have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, a baby shower to attend, and boy scout popcorn to deliver!

(this Target Commercial Lady is my Role Model)

SO. This will be my only post for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to my U.S. friends, and to my friends across the pond. . .nevermind. :)

If any of you shop for Black Friday, think of me! I'll be out in the wee hours hitting up Target!

(Not going for any big electronics.
The odds of me getting trampled
on my way to buy "The Big Bang Theory" season 1
for $12.99 are slim)
BIG BANG THEORY Bazinga Sheldon Tee Shirt

I'll be back next week with the updates from my Space Bag trial, visiting the Container Store, and a new quilt being planned!

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  1. That Target lady cracks me up!! Sorry your brood had the cruds :(. What an awful week for illness!! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and Black Friday despite the crazy week.

    Thanks for stopping by 52mantels and leaving me a sweet comment!


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