Monday, November 7, 2011

Organization Mission

How am I just now finding the blog I heart Organizing?

It is incredible! I spent a good 2 hours reading it over the weekend and getting inspired!

IHeart Organizing

Look at her Lego storage. LOOK!
image from i heart organizing. See the blog post here.

Then she has this great post on how to organize and save kids hand me down clothes. I should really get crackin' on that.
Our 1 yr old has obviously outgrown some things that I want to save. Her system is a lot better than my "throw it in a random box and shove in the closet" method. You should see how much she can fit in ONE of those drawers!

image from i heart organizing. See the blog post here.

Now I'm all fired up to organize this house! Starting with my donation items first. I hit jackpot at a few yard sales this summer and bought clothes for our church's back-to-school clothes giveaway.

Problem is that i have to STORE them until next August. I bought myself one of these:image from

A space bag. I think I got the "sweater" storage one. Going to try it out today and see if it is all that it is cracked up to be!

After that I am tackling our medicine storage.

If you saw my pantry you would tell me I should start there. Well. To that I say "No one starts mountain climbing by going to Everest!"

I have to start smaller, with goals that are achievable and won't burn me out. Baby steps.

If you don't hear from me soon, call for help, I may be trapped inside the space bag.

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  1. Good luck with your organizing projects, baby steps is the way to go. You're funny... trapped inside your space bag, lmao!

    I love "I Heart Organizing" too, it's addicting!

  2. I know - I LOVE her site. I used to think that I was the odd one out for loving stores like Office Depot and the Container Store and Storables. I can spend hours in there.

    But I've since realized there's a whole world full of people who love their label makers. LOL

  3. I love the idea of separating the lego's by color!! Really neat!

  4. Isnt her site just amazing. I get so inspired reading her blog but then.... something happens to distract me, so I dont get much further beyond inspired :) xx

  5. iheartorganising!! Amazing sight. Picked up loads of great tips from there. Love your enthusiasm too -let us know how you get on!!

  6. Thanks! I needed a little motivation on getting more organized! I love doing it, I just don't seem to keep it up. ~ Kristen, Celebrate Every Day With Me

  7. I just helped my sisiter sort through 18 large bins of clothes all filled with different sizes. She has a 7 yr old girl, a 2 yr old girl, and another little girl due at the end of April. I also have a 6 yr old girl and give my sisiter her hand me downs if she likes them. I wish we had seen this when I initally tried to help her store her clothes for hand me downs. Awesome tips!!!


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