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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goal Setting. A month late. So what.

I just read Money Saving Mom's update on her progress of goals for the year.  You can see it here: caution, she is ambitious and makes me look like a slouch.

Her categories are great though, so I'm going to set just a few goals in each category and do a monthly check-in here.  Then you all can yell and point fingers at me when I get off track.  :-)

  • Read through the New Testament this year. (currently in Matthew 20)
  • Take photos and upload to a snapfish photobook each month so at the end of the year I just have to "print", no more paper scrapbooking.
  • Continue keeping soda-drinking habit in check, one a week. (Doing good in January!)
  • Finish my next degree and again graduate with honors. (All A's in my classes this semester so far)
  • Plan summer homeschool curriculum for oldest
  • Actually DO the summer homeschooling.

Ministry/Community Involvement:
  • Continue volunteering in nursery
  • Volunteer again on Thanksgiving Day
  • Fill 6 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child this year
  • Volunteer at elementary school once a week
  • Participate in PTO
  • Remain active in my 2 blog buddy groups by sharing my new posts and commenting on theirs.
  • Get to 400 GFC followers (at 280 as of January)
  • Update Facebook at least once a week.
  • Post 2ce a week on the blog
  • Continue tithing to our church without missing any months. 
  • Pay cash for vehicle repairs (2 vehicles needed work within 2 weeks of each other. *tear*)
  • Agree with husband on Emergency Savings amount for the year and attain it.
  • Pay cash for all birthday/Christmas gifts
  • Send cash donation each month to one of the charities we value. (Done for January)
  • Save my spare change for one of the charities on the list. (.75 so far)
  • Sell the kids old clothes and donate the money
  • Give away some of the kids old clothes. (Did some in January)

Social Responsibility:
  • Buy Made in the USA products for my kids birthday party supplies and presents and Christmas presents at least 75% of the time.
  • Call or write my elected officials about matters that well, matter, to me.  (Done a bunch in January!)
  • Get the kids clothes we are saving organized and put away.
  • Sand and paint deck.
  • Organize pantry. (Please send help!)


  1. I especially like "Remain active in my 2 blog buddy groups by sharing my new posts and commenting on theirs." ! :)

  2. You know it was Money Saving Mom's weekly goals that got me to finally get off my butt and launch my blog which I had wanted to do for years! The concept is so simple, yet keeps me from blowing things off, if nothing else, I get satisfaction crossing things off my list.

    BTW - I don't think you're a slouch.

    I don't post my goals on my blog since it's a baby name blog. I have to cross off every... little... thing. For example, I don't write down run 9 miles for the week and then cross it off at the end of the week. Here's what I do for a typical task for the week:

    Run 9 miles: 3 day 1… 3 day 2… 3 day 3…

    I cross off each day after I run.

    It might seem tedious, but if I've run 6 of the 9 miles for the week but haven't crossed anything off, I miss having that visual of my accomplishment : )

  3. What great goals, there sure are a lot of them!! I found you on Blog Hop Friday. Come visit at www.mamatinkstinkerings.blogspot.com

  4. Those are good goals. I aim for a few of those. I'm thinking of homeschooling myself, but mine is only 2. Do you have any tips on what I should be doing with her now?
    Congrats on the A's and the soda thing. That is something I have to work on, too!

  5. Great Goals! I need to do mine. I also follow Money Saving Mom. For Pantry organizational ideas look at http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/ She has inspired me. Great I found your blog!


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