Friday, February 10, 2012

Why We Are Awesome Parents, Reason #453

Our son's school has been having Spirit Days.

You pay $1 and get to dress up.  The money goes to charity, you have fun.  Everybody wins.  Mmmhm.

Last week our son told us it was "Dress up like a famous person" Day.

*Mom vaguely remembers seeing a paper come home with dates on it.*

We dress our son up like Davy Crockett.  Special fringed pants, a leathery fringed vest/shirt, and big coonskin cap.

Guess what.


Let me repeat that so it sinks in.
NOT. Dress up. Day.

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So there was our child, in full Crockett regalia, sitting in a classroom all day long with normally dressed children.  This was part of the conversation on my facebook wall:

Okay so lessons from the facebook interactions:

1. Red Friend offers to help write tell-all book.  Red Friend gets NO CHRISTMAS CARD this year!

2. Purple Friend made similar "oopsy" and turned out okay so there is hope for our son. *phew*

I spent a good half an hour using Microsoft Paint to add the colors to the facebook picture.  Clearly time-management is a strong suit of mine.

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  1. hey if found you through friday blog hop. I am now following you and i hope you can stop by and follow me back at

  2. Now I don't feel so bad about forgetting about show and tell at my daughter's school (more than once). Luckily my car has so much crap in it because I let the kids take toys to the car. If I note it is show and tell day, I can sometimes run out to the car and get something. But one time, I just completely forgot. Did I mention I also throw out her artwork from school? And I let my son eat cat food when he was around 17 months? My kids will be in therapy.

  3. Hilarious! You will be telling that story for years!

  4. If he's 7 years old or younger, you're probably fine. If he's older, I think you may worry that he'll be calling Maury Povich someday!

  5. Um Katy. He is 8. I'll be waiting for that call from Maury. :)

    Angie--I love the cat food! LOL Does he like tuna nowadays?

  6. So he got two dress up days then, right? :)


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