Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oatmeal cookies: "Yeah. They tasted funny."

I made oatmeal cookies from scratch tonight.

How much vanilla do you think I was supposed to put in them anyway?

I had written it all down except THAT.  So like any lazy chef, I just took a shot in the dark (rather than go look up the recipe again.  That would take an entire three minutes you know!).  

I poured the vanilla into it's own cap (a small bottle) and tossed that in.  Then I may have added a SMIDGE more........

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So when we were getting ready to go to bed, I asked my husband, "Hey did you get a cookie?"*

To which the voice from the dark says "Yeah.  They tasted funny."

Whatever.  Clearly he doesn't know what he is talking about.  I had four of them already.  They do taste a wee bit heavy on the vanilla.  I could just call them "Vanilla Oatmeal Cookies" as if it were some gourmet thing I made up.

*I only really asked because he was in a bad mood.  My first attempt to make conversation about outdoorsy stuff was a flop.  So I went with cookie chat.  Which was apparently also a flop since he thinks they taste "funny."  I think he is still bitter that I got a case of the diarrheas on Valentines night.  I'VE SAID TOO MUCH. 


  1. My husband made Irish Soda bread with baking powder instead of baking soda. Since it is Irish SODA bread, he quickly realized his mistake.

  2. Funny! Hey, I think a smidge more vanilla would be fine, who doesn't like vanilla? Oh, sorry, apparently your hubby. :-)

  3. In my mind, when you guestimate even one ingredient amount on a recipe, the results are then your own creation! "Oh yes, this is totally my recipe." Of course, I only take credit if the food turns out yummy. When the food turns out "funny" tasting- "Hmmm... not sure what happened. Something must be wrong with the recipe." :)

  4. Hey, you can never have too much vanilla! I actually never measure mine. I have a big plastic bottle of it (I think I got it at Sam's) and I just put a few squirts in the batter. So what if it's a little more than a teaspoon? :-P


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