Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Funnies

My husband and I rarely like the same tv shows (I have no interest in fishing shows and he doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy).

The one show we both love? Big Bang Theory.

Today's Funnies courtesy of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

big bang theory

Do you have a favorite Big Bang Theory episode? Mine is probably the one where Bob Newhart guest stars!


  1. I never watched this show until my parents turned me onto it. Yes, my retired parents. They quote this show. So hilarious. Now my 13 year old loves to watch it too.

  2. Ha! I've been with geeks just like that! They weren't being funny though..they were dead serious! :/

  3. I've seen the show probably once. I barely have time for TV with my job. I need a vacation. :)

  4. I hear people talking about this show all over and I tried watching part of an episode and didn't get into it at all... maybe if I tried starting at the beginning I might like it =)


  5. I haven't watched much of this show. The parts I did watch I thought were hilarious. I just keep forgetting about it. The quotes you posted are funny! I'm not a hippie! - My fav.


  6. I love this show! I wish I had more time to watch it :)

  7. We love Big Bang!! Too many favorites to choose from. lol We watch it every day.


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