Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Matching Stars ($1 Fourth of July Kid's Game)

JoAnne Fabrics and Crafts had these felt stars in the dollar section. I grabbed a pack thinking I could turn it into a fun activity for my youngest.

red white and blue stars, joann dollar section, preschool sorting activity

Now if I had actually read the package first, I'd have known that there are only 6 stars included (2 of each color) and I probably would have bought more.

Even with just 2 stars of each color, my 3 year old had a lot of fun sorting them out.
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I labeled paper plates with the color words, not because he can read yet, but to create a print-rich environment and reinforce that words have meanings.  I would touch each word and repeat it as he laid a star on the plate.

Hooray for a simple, minimal prep, activity that teaches colors and color words in a hands-on playtime experience!  No worksheets!

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  1. AWESOME! Gotta love anything that is cheap too :)This would fit into a Montessori Classroom really well!

    <3 southernmessmom.blogspot.com

  2. Hooray for the little things. What an inventive way to teach colors. :)

  3. That is a neat color matching activity. I love it! I love holiday themed crafts, but I'm so bad at ever getting them done :)


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