Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ten Year Old Gift: TEN favorite foods!

Our oldest son recently turned 10 (!!!!!).  One of the gifts I did for him was this basket of TEN of his favorite foods.  For him, that included things like beef jerky, Cheeze-Its, Velveeta shells and cheese, etc.

I doodled up a cute tag for it on an index card, stuck in a little balloon and had this great basket for him.

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You could easily do this for your own ten year old...or 15 year old...or 35 year old (although that'd be significantly more foods to come up with!).

Ten Favorite Foods for my Favorite Ten Year Old!

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  1. hahaha my hubby would love that. I would have to go hunt down gift cards to a few restraints to do his though. Hmm anniversary gift. certificates to all of the places he likes to stop when he goes on rides with his motorcycle.

    1. Oh gift cards would be a great variation for an adult's gift!

  2. I gotta do this for my sons 13th birthday. I'll hide a giftcard at the bottom though and say "this is all you're getting for your birthday. Happy Birthday!". Can't wait to see the expression on his face. :)

  3. Hmm perhaps I can do this for my 7th wedding anniversary? make a favorite desert. get the DVD of the first movie we saw on our first date! now this has me thinking!



  4. I love this! So simple, but so thoughtful. Wish I had of done it for my kids...guess I can do it for my grandkids, daughter who is turning 16 in October! $16 gas card, $16 movie ticket, $16 gift card to Rue21 (definitely should have done it when they were 10. :)

    Thanks for sharing
    (following your link from the Tanya's daily blog post group)

  5. This is too cute! I so may steal this for my girls birthdays!! :)

    Totally Pinning this lol

  6. I love this idea. It's like getting ten gifts in one. It would be great for my oldest because the girl loves to eat! Thankfully she loves a lot of healthy foods. I will keep this idea in mind for her next birthday. :)

  7. So cute! We do this on my hubby's birthday-well similar to it. : )


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