Monday, July 15, 2013

Picnic Theme! (Lois Ehlert's "Eating the Alphabet" & 6 activities for the book)

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Check out what I scored at  Goodwill....

Cute book, a little beat up since it was already used and we've been using it too.

Lois Ehlert's "Eating the Alphabet" is the perfect companion to your picnic, or your picnic themed homeschool/preschool unit!

Two things that I love about this book:
  1. It's a non-fiction book for young children.  These seem incredibly hard to find, as most books for preschoolers are fiction, but we need to expose them to all genres."Eating the Alphabet: A-Z" gives us a non-fiction option to add to our stash of books.
  2. I love this Lois Ehlert book because it gives us a broader vocabulary.   How many three year olds have heard of jicama?  Rhubarb? Watercress?  
Now that you know about the book, what can you DO with it?
1. Go outside with a picnic snack or lunch and read the book while you eat.

2. Visit this my "ABC Snacks" page for links to snack ideas for EVERY letter of the alphabet!

3. Talk with your child and ask what their favorite vegetables are.  (My toddler's would be cucumber, tomato, potatoes, peas, carrots, and green beans)

4. Visit a farmer's market (maybe buy something you've never had before!)

5. Match real produce with their beginning letter
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awesome source!

6. Sorting: Use felt play food or fruit shaped erasers to sort same fruits; or for children a little older, have them determine which are fruits and which are vegetables.

If you don't luck out at Goodwill, it appears that Amazon has this book available.

Later this week I will share lots of "P" themed snack ideas if you wish to carry the "picnic" theme through to snack time. 

UPDATE: Here is the post with 43 'p' snack ideas!


  1. AWESOME ideas! I have done similar things with books when I was teaching. Another fun thing to do (once kids are older) is get a book where you know it is well below their level and the author just repeats the same thing over and over. To an older kid this is boring! (Make sure you pick one with awesome pictures) Have them "help the author" by expanding the sentences! :)

  2. I love the post and the book! You can never go wrong with Lois Ehlert.

  3. I'll have to check this book out. Right now my son only knows three foods by name: apples, popsicles, and milk

  4. What a good book for the little ones!

  5. Great suggestions to go along with the book!

  6. LOL to be honest I've never even heard of Jicama myself. Loved the suggestions going along with the book. I need to head to my local Goodwill and see what I can score as well. Nice find!

  7. Eating the Alphabet is such a beautiful book - what a great Goodwill find! Thanks for sharing some great ideas for using the book to spark learning.

  8. Awesome that you found that book in a Goodwill! Thrift stores are great places to find educational and fun items!

  9. Great book review and ideas to do with the book! We love books! (And almost all of ours are used--book sales, garage sales, thrift stores . . . )

  10. Great find! Thanks for the cute ideas. :)

  11. These are great ideas. We will def need to read this book to expand on fruits and veggies, and maybe even create the want to try a new one! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  12. This is a great book, I read it to my preschool class every year during our nutrition theme. Another activity I do to go with this is to make "fruit and veggie art". We sample some of the foods from the book and graph our favorites then we also dip in paint to make prints.

  13. I really love the book as I'm a Dietitian working with kids. It's an exceelnt way of teaching kidsthe fruits and vegetables that exist.


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