Monday, May 26, 2014

Number Recognition/Ordering Game (Cookout Theme)

When I saw these ketchup and mustard bottle die cuts at our local Dollar Tree, I had to buy them!  12 of each comes in a pack for a dollar which made it perfect for a matching up game for my preschooler.

I simply added numbers to the ketchup bottles and corresponding dots to the mustard bottles.

 Kids can play with this hands-on math set a couple different ways. First, simply match the number to the dots (like in the photo above).  For more difficulty, you can lay all of the card face down and do more like a traditional Memory Game where you turn over 2 and see if they are a match.
 If you have more children at home or friends over to play, they can take turns finding a match, or give them the ketchup bottle cards and hide the mustard cards around the house or yard.  Then turn the kids lose to find the mustard cards that match their ketchup number cards!

With Memorial Day today and July 4th and more summer cookouts coming, I thought this Dollar Tree set was the perfect theme for summer number practice!


  1. Fantastic idea for summer learning! I'm sure it'll be great to do while waiting for the burgers to grill.

  2. What cute diecuts and a clever idea. I hope you share it with my #SmallVictoriesSunday linky that's open now. I love bringing fun educational ideas to my blog readers.

  3. That's so cute!! Love the idea!


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