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Are you a blogger?  Are you on Pinterest?  Recently I was talking with some bloggers who are new to pinterest and I shared a ton of my tips for using it to bring traffic, gain followers, etc.  Most of these tips focus on integrating twitter and facebook to help promote your Pinterest.
Here is my JUMBO list of tips!

--you can stalk me on pinterest here: and see how I have my stuff set up. 

1. Make sure your post has a pinnable image.  Have SOMETHING on your post that can be pinned.

2. Edit your board covers every so often. . . people want to see something new and fresh.
      Here is how to edit the covers if you don't already know:
First, hover over the board and click "change cover"

This is what it will look like, click the arrow to sort through your pins from that board until you see the one that you want to make the new cover.
 Once you get to the picture you want, click the red "Save Changes" button and you're all done!

3. Pin throughout the day.  Don't bombard your followers with 100 pins of snakeskin shoes all at once.

4. Tweet a pin every now and then.  Example:

5. Pin a variety---this goes along with #3, when you pin, don't do several of the exact same topic. Find a pin for your recipes board, one for your birthday party board and one for maybe your beauty board.  You'll catch a wider audience of pinners this way.

6. Go back to old posts of yours that are being repinned a LOT and make sure there is A.) a pinnable image and B.) Add a welcome to visitors.  You can see how I did that here on a reading post: click link.

7. Promote your pinterest boards withIN your blog posts.  Here's how I did it in a recent post.

8. Pin properly!  Make sure the pins go to the actual source and not just a google image!  Eeeek!

9. Tweet or Facebook when you reach a particular pinterest milestone.

Or when you are about to reach a milestone. Here's a facebook post I did when I was stuck on
699 Pinterest followers:

10.  Tweet or Facebook link to specific boards. Some people may not want to follow my Kid's Party Ideas board but might be super interested in Books Worth Reading.  Know what I mean?  In fact, when *I* follow someone I almost always hand pick which specific boards I want to follow. It is rare that I want to see every single thing that someone pins.  Example:
11. Tweet or facebook a popular pin of yours.  "Wow, this rainbow cake has been repinned 200 times. Thanks guys!"  Here's an example of what I posted on facebook over the weekend:

12. Tweet or facebook a popular board of yours. (Sound familiar?  See #10 about why to link to BOARDS).  Here are examples of each:

13. Pin a variety of content. Again, you'll catch a wider audience of people.  If I never pinned my favorite beauty ideas, then all the people who search for eyeshadow tips would not have a chance of finding me.  However, some pin tips have said to pin anything and everything.  Now THAT I don't agree with or do. I only pin things that I genuinely like or am interested in.  Which is why you won't find me pinning stuff from Walking Dead. I've never seen it so it isn't an interest. Yet.

14. Some pinterest tips I've read say to leave a comment for people when they repin your stuff. I've done it a few times "Thanks for pinning my post, I hope you found the snack idea you were looking for!"  I'm unsold on whether or not it increases followers at all and I don't want to look spammy by doing it all the time.  So at this point I'm just kind of testing the waters with that particular tip.


  1. If they want to follow a lot of my boards, I encourage people to follow all and then go unselect some of my boards as they only count as a follower if they click follow all.
    You could always come participate in The Ultimate Pinterest Party! There I encourage people to leave comments so it isn't seen as spammy! People have left me comments, but not too many so I've never seen someone who looks spammy on Pinterest. I'll have to do more with Twitter and Pinterest--and I'll have to share this on a Pinterest Linky Party

  2. (The Ultimate Pinterest Party is on Friday-Saturday and the Pinterest Linky Party is on Monday--they are different. The Ultimate Pinterest Party is a little more interactive.)

  3. This is a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing. I pinned and +1'ed. I would love if you would link it up with my Small Victories Sunday linky too. The linky order is reversed so new posts go to the top and blogging tips usually do really well! Thanks!

  4. These are wonderful tips, Tammy! Thanks for sharing this with us! I'm definitely going to link my other social media outlets with Pinterest now!

  5. Great list to keep handy. I've pinned it!


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