Friday, May 2, 2014

Xtra funny!

Phew.  The a-z challenge is almost over. Today's letter is X.  (Next Monday I'm taking a day off from the challenge to tell you about a new GIVEAWAY being hosted here. Be sure to check back!)  Next Tuesday and Wednesday we will finish with letters Y and Z.

Thinking about the letter X, all I could think of was eXtra.  And since I usually do a Friday Funnies post on Fridays, let's do funnies!

Hope you all get an Xtra (see what I did there?) laugh today!

My mom doesn't want your advice.
Oh how I needed this shirt for when my kids were babies. Heck, I need it now. Think it comes in sizes 4 and 10?? 

Jim Gaffigan on kale.
It's like he read my mind.  

Okay this one is not my kid, but. . .
kid found a marker
Tell me that your kids have also done something similar. I'm like "DUDE. If you want to draw on yourself, at least don't use a SHARPIE!"  And while we're on the topic-how is it that I can never find a Sharpie around here but give the kids 5 minutes alone and they can not only find one but also "tattoo" themselves or the couches?  


  1. My kids are the same with markers. I am pregnant with twins and I need that shirt. But to say "I Don't Need Your Advice".

  2. Mine haven't used sharpies on themselves yet, but DD has used a black one on our white bedspread. :-/ I think I need that shirt too--especially when we go visit the in-laws! LOL


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