Sunday, March 18, 2012

Checking in--how is your WATER drinking going?

Checking in with my Water Warriors!

If you need to catch up on what this is all about, read here.

Are you able to keep up with just drinking water and donating the savings to charity?  I followed the rules and brewed my own coffee at home on Friday (usually do) but something went wrong and it was NASTY.

We have a pitch in lunch at church today. They usually serve big 5 gallon jugs of tea or lemonade so I will have whatever they have.


  1. Well we at our Friday and yesterday (Sunday) and both times I did forgo the $2 drinks. So those along with the hot chocolate I didn't get Friday morning, I've saved $7 on drinks. Wow...really makes you think about what you're spending, too!

  2. *we ate out*, is what I meant to write!


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