Friday, March 16, 2012

Water Warriors! Join us to save lives!

This is it! Our first day!
Ashley and I are excited for you to join us!

To recap the intro:


What is a Water Warrior?
--We are people committing to drinking tap water for a week.    We are taking the money we WOULD have spent on sodas, lattes, etc and saving it for a week, to be donated to a charity that provides clean drinking water.

Okay.  Why?
--4,000 children died yesterday because they don't have access to clean water.

--We'll be posting and checking in every day.  You can read and comment as often as you like.

--You can make coffee at HOME, provided you use your tap water to brew it.
--If you happen to have packets of crystal light or flavored water mix at home, you can use those to flavor your water.
--If you go out to eat, you should order a glass of ice water. Tap water.  No Fancy Shmancy brand.
--alcoholic beverages are also discouraged this week.
--If you usually buy a 12 pack of Coke to have at home for the week, don't.  Donate the money instead.

Do I have to give YOU my money?  I don't know you.
--No.  You don't send me money.  You will donate it to a charity of your choice (we will provide a list of several that are known to work with clean water as a focus).
--The amount of money each person donates will be DIFFERENT.  If you have a $3 latte on the way to work every day, and give that up for this duration, you'll have a higher amount to donate than someone who just has two gas-station .89cent soda's each week.  That is OKAY.

Can I do this if I don't have a blog?
--YES. Please do!

Does my whole family have to do it?
--It would be great if an entire family wanted to do this together!  It is not a requirement though, and certainly any babies and children should be given their regular breastmilk/formula/whole milk/doctors orders.  Talk to your spouse and older kids and see if maybe they are willing to do without their soda or latte for the week.  The savings can add up!

How do I tell others?
--Please help spread the word!  There are +1, tweet, and facebook buttons at the end of this post. Additionally, you can just copy and paste the URL and send it in an email/text/facebook post yourself.
--You can also grab the "I am a Water Warrior" button on the sidebar and put it on YOUR blog.  This will show all of your readers the good you are up to!

How long does it last?
--Water Warriors starts today Friday March 16th and ends on Thursday, March 22

Are you joining us?  Let's chat in the comments!

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  1. Well, so far I've denied myself a Starbucks hot chocolate. Took my baby to the Dr. (whose office is at the hospital) and had to walk right by the Starbucks.


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