Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hey guess what?

Green snot.

That's what.

We've been sick, sick, SICK.

Do you KNOW how much green snot a 2yr olds little head can produce?  The answer is "way more than you ever thought possible."

Personally, I'm on week 2 of sickness.  Started as a sinus infection and when I went to Immediate Care to get looked at, I picked up some other heaven-knows-what illness too.  A double whammy!

Then on top of all that, last night my oldest got a tooth knocked out.  He was skateboarding outside and wiped out.  Came in we wiped off the blood, thought all was well.  Until a couple hours later when he took a bite of a breadstick and announced "i lost a tooth!"

We weren't sure if it was an adult tooth or baby tooth.  So we rushed to get the tooth preserved in a cup of milk and call dentists.  This of course happened AFTER 5pm, so the first half-dozen offices I called were closed and the on-call people were no help.

Finally we found a dentist still open.  We loaded up 2yr old Snot Machine, me (sick and hadn't showered in 2 or 3 days), Toothless, and Husband.  The dentist was super nice and luckily it was a baby tooth.  But dang, what a night!

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