Thursday, April 5, 2012

The 1 Thing You Are Doing That Makes Me Leave Your Blog

As a blog reader, I'm pretty tolerant really.  
But there is one thing that turns me off from a blog SO fast.

Do you want to know what it is?  Maybe it is the same thing that makes you click away?

When I click over to a blog and am greeted with:
  • a popup that wants me to email subscribe.  You have to physically X out of the pop up box to see the blog.  When I really like a blog, I will look around and find a way to subscribe.  A pop up as my very first taste of your blog?  I'm probably not going to subscribe now. I'll X out of it, read the post I was there to read and be on my merry way.
  • the scrolly thing along one side of your blog with all your facebook/pinterest/twitter links on it.  I scroll down, it scrolls down.  I scroll to read more, it moves too and it ends up covering up part of your text or photos.  Drives. me. batty.

Is it just me or are either of those things super annoying?  I know the blog title said "1 thing" but they are so similar I count them as the same category.

Other blog pet peeves that you think are worse than this?


  1. Oh or the one with the super loud music...totally annoying...won't stay on the blog and won't go back :(

  2. I agree! My number one thing is that it doesn't ever load- too many adds and photos....

  3. I don't like blogs that are all contests and coupons. They take FOREVER to load.
    I put the little share box on my blog like you mentioned and you know what, its sort of driving me batty too so I'm gonna take it off. I don't have anything that important to share to bug people about.
    Great post Tammy!


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