Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Things We DO Buy!

Last week I shared with you how we save money by not buying some things (like tanning sessions and newspaper subscriptions).

To be honest though, there are a few things we splurge on.  So today, you get:

  1. Cable/Satellite TV
    We never had it until we moved to a new area and struggled to get an antenna to work.  We eventually got the antenna to work, but it would only pick up 3 channels, and that was iffy at best.  We opted to make some calls and get one of the least expensive packages out there.
  2. Haircuts
    Salons vary greatly in cost, I've found an average one close to me that gives a pretty good deal on the hair cut and highlights I want.  I don't go every 6-8 weeks like they say you should save money I stretch it into about 12 weeks between cuts and colors.  But still, we do spend the money for me to feel good about my hair.
    Husband has a haircut a little bit more than just a buzz that I could do at home, so he usually will get his done at a barber shop.
  3. Books
    Our oldest child is in school and gets those Scholastic things every month.  We generally try to buy him something if there is a book he is interested in.  He is just now really getting "in" to books and we want to encourage that!  You can never have too many books!  I also really like Usborne Books and joined to get a discount for when I want something for the kids.  Other than those two avenues we tend to get books from yard sales and amazon.
  4. Make Up
    This is not a huge budget item for us, but occasionally I will take some of my spending money or my husband will give me some money and tell me to go get some stuff I want.  Sephora is the happiest place in the world.
  5. Life Insurance
    Dave Ramsey may or may not be thrilled with the amount we have, but we do have some supplemental insurance that we pay for on top of what my husband's work offers.  This just gives us a little more security if something were to happen to either of us.  We want to know that the other and the kids will be "okay."
  6. Laundry Detergent
    A lot of people seem to be making their own.  One time I had coupons and got a cheap brand even cheaper and was like "ooh look how great i am!"  But then my skin started having problems, not that the soap was bad, it just irritated my ALREADY crazy skin.  So I had to go to a different free and clear soap and trying to make my own scares me.  Also, seems like a lot of work to make your own and we all know how lazy I am with things that require "ingredients."
  7. Sweet Tea
    I love a Sweet Tea from McDonalds.  Don't get one every day,  but a couple times a week.  Don't judge me, I see you in line for a tea too!  :)


  1. Love your honesty! We pay for most of those things to. We dog sit our hairstylist dogs and I get a great discount on my hair, I cut everybody else's.

  2. I could never make my own laundry soap either. Or baby wipes. I've heard people do that. Thankfully, I don't need them anymore.

    I do spend on haircuts for myself. It makes me feel good, I've got a reasonable deal for it, and you wouldn't want me to do my own cut!


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