Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Not long ago we packed up and headed out of state for a couple days to visit family.  Knowing the kids would be more comfortable at a hotel, we booked a two night stay at the local Hampton Inn.

We came away from this trip with three tips for anyone attempting to travel with toddlers:

1---Colored Goldfish crackers in the hotel room are not a good idea.
Exhibit A:
This photo was taken before the two children decided that stomping on the crackers would be a good idea.

2---The Pack and Play that you haul with you to provide a place for the wee one to will be shunned.  Of course the shunning will only take place after you spend thirty minutes trying to set the darn thing up (WHY WON'T ALL THE SIDES SNAP INTO POSITION?), when later the toddler will fall asleep on your arms.

3---Bring cash to leave a tip for housekeeping.  Do it.

Warning--your room is going to smell like poop.  The toddler will poop and the diaper will go in the bathroom trash and you'll be napping with said toddler when housekeeping comes, so you will shoo them away and the trash won't get emptied.*
And then more poop diapers will pile up and possibly feminine hygeine products because OH YES, THAT WILL HAPPEN TOO, and your room will smell like a bloody turd for the duration of your stay.

But anyway,

*Yes, that is very "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"ish.  Only in our twisted reality it is "If You Travel With A Toddler..."

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  1. L O L !!!! I had to share with some of my work girlfriends! Others should post some of their "travel" stories too.


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