Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quilt Eye-Candy

Q is for Quilt!  Oh man there are such talented people out there in the world of quilting!  I'm plugging away at it, trying to finish 2 this year.  

Here are some of my favorite quilts from my Pinterest board (none of these are my personal creations.  Please don't mistake me for someone with actual talent).

This yellow and gray.  *swoon*
advanced quilting, yellow quilt, gray quilt, chevron quilt backing
I have a thing for yellow:
Jelly Roll Quilt, strip quilt, beginner quilt
This pink and tulip quilt is the sweetest thing:
Helen Philipps: Petunias, Bluebells and a Tulip Quilt, pink quilt, baby girl quilt
Finally, this bright quilt made from scraps is a cheerful one!
scrap quilt, scrappy quilt, 16 patch
If you are a quilt lover too, follow along on my Pinterest Board!

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